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I am Heather, a disabled veteran and my wife, Rachel, is also disabled due to 2 complicated back surgeries, we’ve been living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meat supporting us and our two amazing boy, Logan (16) and Lenox (12). I work odd jobs to keep up on bills because my wife can’t work at all and doesn’t have income. 

Our goal is to get us to Wisconsin to visit my family. I haven’t seen them in 2 years and miss them terribly!! 

My Auntie is needing help. She’s in bad shape, she’s been too scared to go to the doctor for the past 7 years and won’t go until I’m home because it’s all going to be bad news. She’s only 57 and looks 70. She’s been on her feet as a bartender for the last 20 years and it has done a number on her. She makes barely enough money to cover her living expenses. She needs our help and we’re willing to stay for as long as she needs us. We’re hoping to be able to convince her to finally move to WA and live with us so we can care for her and she’ll have a better life.

t’s been far to long. I’ve never gone over a year without visiting home for the past 12 years. This past December, my most amazing grandpa passed away and I couldn’t even make it to the funeral. It literally broke my heart because I have been his baby girl since 1984. It just makes me sick to have let him down like this because of everything he ever did for me. 

We live in Washington and will be doing a long car trip out there that is 36 hours and an undetermined amout of time to stay. If needed, Rachel will go back home while I stay behind to care for my Auntie. There’ll be many stops due to Rachel only sitting, laying, or standing for about an hour in each position before reaching the point of excruciating pain. 

We are requesting donations to cover gas and any possible unforeseen expenses including broke down car, an accident, insurance deductible if needed etc. 

thank you for reading this and God Bless! 

Heather and Rachel Love


These lovely women are my cousins and this is absolutely legit. They only need $1000. That’s hardly anything. Please Signal Boost if you can’t directly help. Every dollar is a blessing. Thank you!

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